Sunday, August 17, 2014

When Did Life Become So Hard?

So, I have had to give up temporarily on my August Challenge. I would rather put out content that I have spent some time on, rather than content that I rushed to throw out here.

I never realized how hard life has become. I mean, I have doctors appointments constantly now (prescriptions run out way too fast and I have too many health problems), I'm moving on Tuesday, I am stressing out about getting a new insulin pump, I'm worried about getting the new job near my school, and my obligations and stress continue.

I constantly find myself wondering when life became so difficult. When did I start stressing out constantly? When will I get a day off from all the obligations and problems constantly coming my way?

The issues of growing up, eh?

I might not be able to get rid of all my problems, but I am certainly trying to keep all my stress in check. I will be posting regularly again soon, but for now, I think that handling everything going on is my first priority.

Here are a few tips that I think will help with handling everything life throws at you:

1. Get support. This can be in the form of friends, family, coworkers, or whoever else is around you. I think that I have a bit of a lack of support. Everyone talks to me about my problems, but I wish someone could help me, though I think my mom and dad do a marvelous job and trying to help me with health/medical stuff.

2. Take a step back. Your problems will never go away. You can sit down and read a book, watch a tv show, or surf the web for an hour. After your hour is up, you can go back to facing all of your problems.

3. Make Lists. I know this is common sense, but having a physical list will put everything into perspective and show you what you really need to get done. Take it a step further and put the list in order from highest to lowest priority!

4. Sleep. I cannot emphasize how important getting enough quality sleep is when you have a lot on your plate. Sleep can make all the difference. And if you can't get enough sleep during the night, take a nap, or get a bit of coffee to drink to help you face the day!

What are some of your secrets to handling life?

xoxoxo Mimi

Friday, August 8, 2014

20 Things I Like About Myself

I am doing day 8 of my August Lifestyle Challenge! I really should have called it my August Post Challenge considering my goal is to post something every day.
Well, today's post is 20 things that I like about myself. I think this is especially hard for me because I am my biggest critic and I generally focus on the negatives, but here is a list of 20 things I like about myself:

1. I'm a hard worker.

2. I am reliable.

3. I am punctual.

4. I look for the best in people.

5. I am honest with others and with myself.

6. I always try my hardest on everything I do.

7. I am able to be a leader or a follower, depending on what is needed from me.

8. I face hardships without losing my positivity.

9. I enjoy helping others.

10. I like my smile.

11. I'd like to think that I am a patient person.

12. I enjoy learning from others.

13. My passion for children.

14. My love of fashion, but not spending a lot on it.

15. My eyes.

16. I no longer let my fears control what I do or do not do.

17. My passion for my family.

18. I'm not afraid to try new things.

19. I'm always looking to improve myself.

20. My courage.

I find that writing this list was a huge ego-boost. I think that doing this helped me see what I have improved on over the years and even made me take a honest look at myself and write down what I like. Now, the list of things I don't like is incredibly long, but focusing on the good things makes me want to keep improving and building on the things I like about myself.

What 20 things do you like about yourself?

xoxox Mimi

Thursday, August 7, 2014

5 Investment-Worthy Items I Want

Now that I am getting a place with my boyfriend, it has made me so much more aware of the things that I want, especially the things I want that are worth spending a lot of money on. I will probably ask for these items for Christmas or save up for them on my own. I was originally going to do a 10 item list, but I realized that there isn't a whole lot of smaller items that I would spend a ton on, or I simply couldn't say what exactly I would want (like houses, dish sets, tool sets, other clothes, etc.). I hope you enjoy this list!
Here are my 5 items:

1. Kitchenaid Mixer ($459.99)
2. Bernina Sewing Machine (around $1,000+ used)
3. Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 ($1,390)
Source: louisvuitton
4. Royal Albert Old Country Roses Collection (20 Piece Set $420.28)(Teapot $126.08)
5. Mini Cooper Hardtop ($20,450)

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I thought would be worth investing in! What would you add to the list?

xoxox Mimi

Evening Routine

This isn't a spa treatment video, but it is pretty darn close! Enjoy!

xoxox Mimi

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Making Scrubs Look A Little More Stylish

 I think that the problem people have with scrubs is that they look like stuffy pajamas. Yes, they are very comfortable, but they tend to swallow your frame up. I have a few tips that might help to make scrubs look just a little bit better. I know that they are simple, but hopefully these tips will help someone!

Wear Makeup
Wear natural-looking makeup. Some foundation and a sheer lip tint is all I wear to achieve a natural and effortless look. I know some may feel inclined to wear a lot of makeup, but think of the field you are working in and what would look most professional. Fun nail polish colors usually look great too.
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse & Flower Sheer Up Lip Tint

Wear Stud Earrings and Small Bracelets
I stick to simple studs. The pink flower earrings are my favorite. I worry that the kiddos will accidentally pull on my earring and tear my ear or something. I find that earrings really upgrade a look though. Try to find quirky and stylish studs. Small bracelets that don’t get in the way are fantastic. I can have them under gloves and they are near impossible to pull off.


Switch Up Hairstyles
I have started to shy away from simple buns and ponytails. I like twisting my bangs up to the side and putting my hair in a low, messy bun. I find that it makes me feel like I put effort into myself. A low, side ponytail with the hair curled also looks amazing!

Try out wearing fun, quirky socks. Nobody may see them, but you will know they are there!

I hope some of these tips help just a little. I know they are a bit basic, but maybe some of my ideas will help you feel a little more stylish and confident in your scrubs. I try to keep everything simple because of the image I want to give off, which is that of a professional childcare giver.

xoxoxox Mimi

Monday, August 4, 2014

15 Places I Want To Visit

Source: Florence, Italy
I have always wanted to travel. I have never been outside of the US and I have always fantasized about going to different countries and seeing the incredible landscapes, the antiquated buildings and castles, and sampling the local foods!
Here are the top 15 places I want to go visit:

1. Rome, Italy. I have always wanted to go to this city rich in art and history. I want to experience the romance the city offers, the food, the fantastic architecture, and view some of the most famous historical locations.

2. The Hobbiton Movie Set in New Zealand. I am a complete Lord of the Rings nerd. The day I found out that people can explore this fun town and stay in the hobbit holes, I was sold. Who wouldn’t want to sleep underground and enjoy a drink at the Green Dragon?

3. Napa Valley, California. While I’m not a huge wine drinker (or any sort of drinker), I love vineyards. They seem so peaceful and just filled with tradition. I have always wanted to drive through vineyards, take tours, and sample what the vineyards have to offer!

4. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany. This is a real fairytale castle in Germany. I would love to go on a tour and maybe see how the kings and queens of old lived.

5. Barcelona, Spain. I think that this city has such a vibrant culture and is incredibly beautiful! This is one of those places where I could relax and totally immerse myself in the culture.

6. Switzerland. My family has friends from Switzerland and it just seems like a beautiful country where old traditions live on in the people there. The buildings are old and beautiful and some of the parades and festivals look like such fun!

7. Florence, Italy. This is another city that you could find ourself lost is a sea of art and history. This is definitely a place I want to experience.

8. San Francisco, California. There is something about San Francisco that I find appealing. I think it is the food, the shopping, and the lively atmosphere. I hope to someday visit this city and I hope it is all that it is cracked up to be!

9. Athens, Greece. I need to visit the city that the US based their political system off of. I need to see the columned structures and the remainder of ancient times. I think that I would love to visit some of the smaller islands off the coast of Greece would be incredible too!

10. Moscow, Russia. I believe this city has a lot to offer history lovers. I think that exploring the city and some of the buildings would be fabulous. I would also like to try Russian food. I’ve never had Russian food...

11. Seoul, South Korea. After watching so many dramas from South Korea, I want to experience it all for myself. I want steamed buns and I want to go to a bath house. It seems like fun!

12. Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is the famous city of Ireland. I have always wanted to go there. Why? I have no clue, but I am sure it is absolutely divine!

13. Melrose Abbey, Scotland. This really isn’t what people would normally say is on their travel list, but I want to see this old church and graveyard. I have always had a fascination with fantastic grave yards.

14. Jamestown, Virginia. This is one of the first towns in America. I am greatly interested in the beginning of this country, and Jamestown is the town that began here (except for Roanoke, but don't even get me started on that).

15. Vaadhoo Island, Maldives. This island is known for the sea stars, or what looks like the stars being reflected off the water. I want to see it for myself.

Source: Sea Stars

Any places you feel I am missing on my list?

xoxox Mimi

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back To School Fashion Links

I was planning on doing a video or a post with pictures of me wearing examples of back-to-school outfits made up of clothes from my own closet. Well, life got in the way and I did some shopping for apartment furniture and spent a lovely day with my boyfriend, so I am going to provide links of some back-to-school fashion inspiration!

Outfit from a few years ago - striped tank top, cardigan, and black shorts

So, here we go:

1. J's Everyday Fashion This girl puts together outfits that show you do not need lots of money to be fashionable. She also puts together outfits that would be great for everyday school wear.

2. Sincerely Jules Julie makes some edgy outfits that you can replicate. She is gorgeous and I think that she has some great outfits that are great for some inspiration!

3. Leopard Martini This Texan girl is absolutely adorable and she has a great fashion sense. I think that a lot of her outfits would be great for a day at college or high school. She has a lot of trendy pieces that she makes look classy.

4. Tricia Will Go Places This is a blog by a girl living in the Philippines. She wears such a variety of different looks and pulls them off so effortlessly! I think anyone could find an outfit to replicate loosely!

5. ConnnieTang This girl makes even the most casual outfits look chic! Perfect for looking for back-to-school inspiration! I highly suggest checking her blog out!

6. Trop Rouge This gal has European style down! She is someone to look at if the previous links were a bit too girly!

7. Keiko Lynn I have loved her easy-going and somewhat old-fashioned style! She is absolutely wonderful and the stories she posts along with her OOTDs are always fun to read. I don't know how many outfits would be easy to replicate, but I think that we could all pull something from her style and then use that in your own outfit.

These are some of my recommendations! I follow all of these wonderful bloggers and I look to them for outfit inspiration! I hope you all enjoy this! Share some of your favorite bloggers that you look to for inspiration!

xoxoxox Mimi